Joe’s Story: Term Lifextender™ in action

Meet Joe.

At age 69, Joe’s $1,000,000 term life policy’s conversion option is about to end. He’s not as healthy as when he bought his policy.

Joe can:

  • Convert to universal life—too expensive
  • Buy new term—too expensive
  • Sell his policy—no buyers
  • Result—policy lapses

Joe decides that Term Lifextender™ is a good choice for him.

  • Joe converts his policy to universal life and pays only the minimum conversion costs
  • He enters into a split-dollar agreement with the Term Lifextender™ Fund, which loans Joe the cost of the premiums for the full term of the loan
  • He opts for a term of 5 or 10 years and pays an annual fee, which is significantly less than with other options

At the end of his term, Joe can:

  • Keep his policy by repaying the Term Lifextender™ Fund and make the decision that’s best for him
  • Simply walk away

That’s Joe’s story. Talk to your agent and find out yours.


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